Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-Free Air Compressors

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Ingersoll Rand offers a wide portfolio of oil-free compressors that can be adapted to your industry and application. From processes that require large volumes of flow, to industries with a fluctuating demand that requires the use of the Nirvana oil-free VSD compressor, Ingersoll Rand will assess and propose the best oil-free air compressor solution for your needs. Our equipment includes oil-free screw compressors, centrifugal compressors, PET solutions, and more. We also offer expertise for low-pressure applications.

Key benefits:

  • Our oilless air compressors increase the productivity of your installation with optimized compressed air solutions adapted and designed to match your needs;
  • Peace of mind — zero risk of contamination of your final product;
  • These compressors offer robustness and reliability for harsh environments thanks to trusted and world class suppliers and the use of the highest-quality materials.

Quality is not an option, it is essential:

  • Regulatory compliance: Strict legislation exists in many countries controlling the use of compressed air in sensitive industries such as Food and Beverage or Pharmaceutical;
  • Peace of mind: The use of a Class 0 certified oil-free air compressor guarantees contamination-free air and ensures your total peace of mind;
  • Reliability and productivity: Top quality air (oil-free Class 0 air and -40°C PDP) protects sensitive downstream equipment for reliability, low maintenance, and long life.

Reduced cost of ownership:

  • Compressed air solutions using oil-free technology optimize productivity in your operation;
  • Thanks to our patented rotor coating (UltraCoat®), oil-free compressor efficiency and reliability are assured throughout their working life;
  • Active carbon filters are not required, eliminating the waste of energy in pressure drop;
  • CARE maintenance plans designed to meet your specific level of need
  • Our oil-free air compressor equipment is designed specifically to make maintenance easy by providing clear access to consumable components.

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